Cassandra Brock

Have you ever had the feeling of not knowing what you wanted out of life, or where you may see yourself in 5-10 years? Here is what I want to express to you: YOU ARE NOT ALONE! You may be feeling lost and desire for a life that makes you want to wake up excited and start each day with a sense of purpose. You do not need to be fixed! You are complete and have everything right in front of you to be successful! We all do! You are on your way towards a balanced, healthy, and purposeful life! You may ask how do I know this? You acted by looking through this site for help. Parents seek life coaching for their youth to be able to gain positive perspectives on the decisions that they are making while gaining inspiration to live successful lives.


  • Young Adult Coach

  • Adult Coach

  • Youth Coach​


My passion is working with youth. Everyone, youth especially, needs someone on their side. After all, everyone loves to feel listened to, have a sense of someone caring for them, and offering a positive perspective on life. More importantly, someone to EMPOWER them to be successful! Your child will more than likely stay committed to a coaching program if he or she develops a good and strong connection with his or her life youth coach.


With being your youth coach, I will provide an effective and trusted partnership that will help you be inspired and support your desire to change. I will set the environment for you to have a safe, secure, and positive place for you to explore your passions, be curious, deepen your understanding, learn and implement new skills, make desirable changes, be accountable for your actions, and to live how you truly and honestly want to live.


 I have a Bachelor of Science in Social Work. I am currently pursuing my Master of Social Work: Working with Children and Families. I work with my company as an In-Home Care Coordinator that helps provide families with services to help them live more balanced and successful lives. I have been to many trainings and will continue attending training to help me be more successful in helping youth and their families live prosperous lives.


Growing up I have gone through many life transitions and obstacles that have shaped the woman I am today. I feel that I can connect with youth and your family. I believe that if you work hard enough and have the motivation to be successful, you will achieve this goal!


I would be honored to be that partner for you. It can be words of encouragement after a long day, help you work through the moments when feeling overwhelmed, support you through your journey, and provide encouragement that you need to meet your goals.

​I know you are ready to move forward in making this change to better yourself and I am ready to partner with you in accomplishing your passions


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