Glen Gaugh

I have practiced therapy with individuals in crisis for 9 years, and I respect that work immensely. Now I want to bring to you the experience of having a coach. Coaching is about how to go farther in your life. Who doesn’t want to do that? You may be focusing on your needs or deficits, but coaching isn’t about those things. Coaching is about building on your strengths to achieve the goals that you set for yourself, and doing so with a person who can help- your coach.


  • Young Adult Coach

  • Adult Coach

  • Youth Coach​

  • Family Coach


Here are a few things about me that might make me the ideal fit to be your life coach:


  • I graduated with my Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Social Work from Union University, while working at night, interning during the day, and helping out with an infant and a toddler.

  • I have worked very long, very odd hours as a psychiatric crisis counselor for a company called Youth Villages for 9 years, while remaining integral to my family, active in ministry and volunteering, and championing causes in my local community.

  • For 4 of the last 9 years, I served as a supervisor for crisis counselors who worked very long, very odd hours while trying to advance their own personal and professional goals. We had one of the longest sustained periods of team stability and cohesion during my tenure.

  • In addition to fulfilling my written “job description,” I have consistently leveraged my unique interests and great ideas in order to contribute to special projects such as advanced training programs, hiring initiatives, public relations projects, and technological implementation, all of which has added value to my employer.



If you are a busy professional or business owner looking for ways to get around to following your passion for giving back, start your big project, or champion your cause, I can help. I’ve done that.


If you are a parent, particularly a dad, who can’t quite express his thoughts and dreams to his family, feels guilty about sacrificing time to the hustle, or just wants to take his relationships at home a bit deeper, I can help. I want to help you master your dad story so you can share it and help others.


If you have trouble creating the right boundaries, allowing distractions to get in your way or suffering from priorities that are too broad, I can help. Learning to say “NO” was the best skill I ever learned.


Need help pitching your unique strengths to supervisors so you can advance or simply experience more satisfaction at work? I can work it through with you- what, when, and how to present your best ideas.


If you have a history of mental health treatment or substance abuse recovery and have your symptoms under control, but you’re wondering what to do now, I can help. With my background in therapeutic work, I will work with you to tailor achievable plans for your next steps, both personally and professionally.


Book a consultation with me today- I look forward to meeting you!




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