Glen Gaugh

Life decisions can be tough- but a coach can help.


Don’t take the path of least resistance, or simply do what everyone else is doing. Coaching will help you evaluate your options, develop your priorities, and set goals that work for you.


I have helped hundreds of youth evaluate their options under the worst circumstances as a crisis counselor. Now I want to coach you to play to your strengths, not to be limited by your needs or weaknesses.


Together, we will use TAT’s group coaching model for youth to address key areas that are common to everyone’s success, tackling the issues that are relevant to you. Plus, each time we meet for our monthly sessions, we will take one of your challenges to growth and put a plan in place to address your individual goals.


What is expected of you? A commitment of time and effort, directed toward healthy living, growth, and achievement.


Whatever your background, you can build a bright future for yourself. Coaching can help. Get clarity, motivation, direction, and accountability from me. I’ve made good decisions and mistakes- let me help you find the way.


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