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43 Ways to Be Kind in 2018 and Beyond

In a recent poll, the #1 New Year’s Resolution for 2018 was to Be Kind even outranking weight loss.

I find this to be so pleasing to hear. With all the highly charged politics of 2017 and all the ideologies debating one another, it makes sense as to why this became # 1.

We are made up of energy and the more positive we can be towards one another, the better a world we can live in. The act of giving creates feel good chemicals in your body and being nice to others is actually a great way to help yourself and your health. So, to bring in the New Year I have made a list of 43 ways to be kind in 2018. Enjoy…

  1. Smile more often

  2. Try to find 1 way to compliment someone every day.

  3. Thank service men and women

  4. Hold the door open for someone

  5. Be Punctual

  6. Don’t cancel on someone at the last minute

  7. Don’t leave people on hold too long or at all if possible

  8. Don’t leave messes for others to clean up

  9. Never down or criticize someone else’s opinion, learn to agree to disagree

  10. Don’t suppress others

  11. Be fair

  12. Don’t act on jealousy

  13. Help people learn new things

  14. Ask people if they want your help

  15. Carry something for someone

  16. Be less judging of others

  17. Offer to pick up the tab or just do it

  18. Don’t talk about yourself too much

  19. Say please, thank you, yes mam or no sir

  20. Don’t gossip

  21. Don’t roll your eyes at people or make a disgusting face when someone says something you don’t agree with

  22. Help others

  23. Share more often

  24. Stop complaining or giving excuses

  25. Be encouraging to others

  26. Respect others opinions

  27. Be kind to yourself

  28. Don’t look at your phone when you are in the presence of others

  29. Actively listen to people in your conversation with your full attention

  30. Be more optimistic

  31. Have more patience

  32. Praise others for their success

  33. Volunteer

  34. Help the elderly

  35. Say good morning or hello to strangers

  36. Send some one a nice note or text

  37. Tell people you appreciate them

  38. If you see trash on the floor, pick it up

  39. If you make a mess, clean it up

  40. If someone has something on his or her face or clothes that don't belong like a fuzzy, crumb, or hair, let them know

  41. Give up your seat to someone

  42. Do what you say you are going to do, be dependable

  43. Pay it forward

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