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Your Body Said What?!

Body language is the only universal language of our world. No matter what country you are from and language you speak, there is no communication barrier for body language. Sure, there are certain cultures where a thumbs up could mean a slap in your face, but I am not talking about cultural symbolism. What I am talking about is your nonverbal behavioral cues you can unconsciously give to people.

Also, some people have their own special, quirky nonverbal behaviors to reflect their feelings and may not be the common cue. My friend, who for the sake of this article, I will call Fernando…. Every time his mind became consumed with what he was thinking or concentrating on, he bobbled his head fast and wobbled it from side to side with a devilish grin. This happened every time he sat down in front of food that looks good or if he was analyzing something in his head. He was unaware he did this until I pointed it out. Are you 100% aware of your own non-verbal behaviors?

I am going to list some common nonverbal behaviors and the common interpretation. In the upcoming days and weeks, see if you can pay attention to your nonverbal behaviors and correct your habits. Whether you are in an interview, business meeting, or at an event, they are good to know.......... Respect for others will bring respect to you, show respect with your nonverbal cues.

B for Behavior / I for Interpretation

B- Rubbing your hands

I- You are expecting hope

B- Touching your nose

I- You doubt something or your lying

B- Looking down in presence of others

I- You are bored

B- Touching your hair constantly

I- You are lacking confidence

B- Shoulders hunched, poor posture

I- You’re feeling sad

B- Arms crossed

I- Your bored or feeling defensive

B- Tilting of head

I- Your confused or don't agree

B- Shaking your foot as your leg is crossed

I- Your impatient or bored

B- Rubbing neck

I- Your feeling uneasy

Of course, these are just a few and there are many more. TAT has business etiquette classes for individuals and companies in person and/or online through training events, simply book a consultation to find out more at

Till Next Time,

Mel K

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