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I Love it When My Staff Talk Negative to me!

Who really says this???.............. Only the leaders who what to better their company and make a culture of flourishment for higher productivity!

Being open to negativity from your staff can be a good thing for you or your company and allow you to identify areas of opportunity.

I see it so much in this industry and other industries where someone in a leadership position gets intimidated when their staff discusses issues and problems they have found.

They get defensive and a smoke of insecurity intensifies around them. An energy of jealousy where emotions overpower their sense. Tunnel vision for the wicked.

What they don’t realize, the more issues staff bring to your attention, the more opportunity you have to better your company or organization, as well as, your knowledge of expertise. When a problem arises, tackle it…. head on and be generously open for discussion to collect insight from others. In doing so, you will find opportunity to better your business or organization.

Every alternative should be on the table for discussion. You need to embrace and trust that the system of openness will lead you to a place of goodness. It is amazing working with staff who are allowed to be creative, its fun, and its rewarding.

So how do you change a staff culture from fear and suppression? Its not easy, but it can be done. I’ve listed some step below and just a few. Nothing is perfect and it can be a long process to change that culture depending on how long it has been lingering.

  1. Get rid of the idea that you have to suppress people to secure your position.

  2. Accept the idea when your staff comes to you with an issue, it is because they are only trying to help better your company or organization.

  3. Stop retaliating, suppressing, or firing staff for bringing issues to your attention.

  4. Identify what makes you insecure, think about what was going on at that minute you had the feeling and pay attention to that.

  5. Become an expert in the areas that trigger your insecurities.

  6. Accept the better your staff is, the better it makes you look.

  7. Be open to your staffs’ perspective and really put an effort into helping them solve the problem.

  8. Show an interest in helping them grow as employees, be their mentor.

  9. Once you decide to change to a flourishing culture, you can’t go back, only keep moving forward, trust the process.

  10. Announce to your staff you are on a mission to better the culture in which they work.

  11. Do not judge and really think about how you can trust your staff.

  12. Let your staff know, every alternative is on the table for discussion and you want them to be able to feel free to work with you without fear of suppression.

  13. Form a team and work together to rise together.

Like always, these are just minor steps in a long rewarding outcome. Tennessee Advocacy Talk is here to help you better the culture of your team and all of our efforts come from the heart. Treating your staff better, treats your patients better. …. its a win win. When you’re ready, we will be here to help if you need some direction.

Till Next Time,

Mel K

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