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"We All Put on our Pants the Same Way"

"We All Put Our Pants on the Same Way"

This statement was a statement my mamaw constantly said to me growing up as a child and it really did influence me to be who I am today. Humorously enough, this statement developed my psychological responses to be programmed for equality, accept risks, and create many opportunities.

What does this statement mean? It means we are all human and at the end of the day, when every materialistic thing is taken away, we are all equal. It means each person’s presence is not going to have an affect one way or another how anyone interacts with each other. There is nothing I want from you, I have abundance where I am, and I am content on who I am. Now…… not saying if you have tickets to a sold out Harry Connick Jr. concert and I don’t, that I won’t feel a little positive jealously…, but what it means is, I am hard wired to see you as an equal now and forever; therefore, you will be treated the same way as everyone else and I deserve the same in return.

Unfortunately, there are so many people who take advantage and instill the opposite; however, I feel everyone should see and believe people to be equals instead of being fearful based on the perception of power which can produce fear, anxiety, and a lack of confidence. There is a difference from being excited about someone you highly respect and being fearful.

Unless you are about to commit a crime on that person, which I do not endorse!, then there is no reason to be fearful of someone’s stature or assets in business or life. When all is stripped away from a person, all you really have to compare is the brain and possibly a better pack of abs.

People may seem to be more educated than you, but that does not mean you do no hold more education than them in other areas. Everyone has a gift and a talent or a unique experience making them the expert in that subject matter.

When I was in financial services, you wouldn’t believe how many lawyers, doctors, and engineers came to me lacking financial knowledge on how to invest their money or strategies to prepare safer investments. I wasn’t a lawyer, doctor, or engineer, but yet I held more expertise than them in MY subject matter.

Everyone is special in something, it is impossible to be an expert in everything; therefore, no one should feel less special around anyone else especially to the point where it is creating fear and anxiety in your life or suppressing your advancements to a more fulfilling life mentally and physically.

Don’t let their knowledge or tenor in certain subject matter make you feel like you are not deserving and equal to receive respect. Use the moment to learn from the person. It is okay to let them know you are not a subject matter expert in whatever it is they are talking about and ask them questions for your curiosity. Treat others equal and respect each other’s opinions and experiences and do not let it stop you from pursing your ambitions and goals.

Before you start to feel inferior to anyone else, think of it as an entertaining experience to learn and grow from. Even if a person may be trying to push their perspective of having more value than you……hold your head high with a smile, stay polite, and think internally to yourself, “We all put our pants on the same way.”

-Mel K

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