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Addiction Treatment Marketing Ethical Evolution PODCAST: 23 min listen

We would like to introduce Kapil Nayar MA ACS LPC NCC, as our newer contributor to TABizTalk. We will be posting links to his educational postcasts which range average 20-30 minutes for your listening enjoyment.

Kap Bio:

Kapil Nayar (Kap) obtained his masters degree from La Salle University, and has since practiced in both nonprofit and for profit entities in order to secure his license as an Professional Counselor.

Brain function is clinically relevant when discussing mental health, and Kap is prepared to discuss the biological aspects of mental illness to assist clients where applicable. Along with this, Kap is trained in the use a variety of methods and styles in therapy. He tends to think therapy in parallel with a tailor, with a focus on the client and individually tailor different treatment modalities to fit their need. Kap has experience with mental health disorders, addiction, and dual diagnosis.

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