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"Being Successful is Having Wellness"

Just like how butterflies can flutter in water causing ripples, so does positive community action.

"I truly believe being successful is having wellness."

This belief is defined by how we relate in the world and by our creator. Everyday we interact with one another and there is something greater than ourselves giving our lives deeper meaning. In our society, there are different kinds of traits happiness and success have and I just described the internal portion.

According to Gallup's Strength Finder, my top traits are adaptability, connectedness, strategic thinking, significance, and empathy. I have spent over 20 years as a counselor & have evolved into a Happiness Coach. With this role I focus on applying character strengths to your greatest challenges.

What is my definition of external success?

I personally have a lot to say and have said it as a counselor working with people individually and in small groups," I want to impact people more globally to slow down, take life in, set life goals, and find greater meaning in life other than things and positions. "

Beginning right with the community that I live in, success in society for me includes evolving my sphere of influence with Happiness.

When we set a goal, the next step is to identify what we are going to do to achieve this goal. Locally, I have created a Happiness Coalition that meets monthly in my city. I also lead a faith based support group where people from all Christian denominations gather to pray Scripture following the path of well-being with applied Positive Psychology.

I wrote an Op Ed on Knoxville’s citizens' showing great resiliency during our recent 100 year flood. This was recently submitted to my local paper which is also part of the USA Today network.

My goal is to coach executives. Already meeting with several executive coaches, they have encouraged me to aspire to levels I could not have previously dreamed of.

In conclusion, the pathway to success is filled with relating to the world through lenses of greater meaning. Hope has power helping us define and follow our vision despite setbacks or failures. Love transports us into the here and now with brave actions conquering our fears.

Please contact me today to find out how you can walk the happy pathway to success.

Alexia Georghiou @thehappypathway


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