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What is TAT Youth Coaching?


TAT Youth Coaching is an individual and peer group program mainly offered virtually through Skype. Our program focuses completely on the future with inspirational, motivational, and goal planning tactics to increase confidence, build resiliency to adversities, and most importantly, guide youth in the most successful direction with the challenges they face. We encourage personal development, higher education,substance-free living, and we teach etiquette.

We believe encouraging a focus on the future by finding purpose customized to a youth’s abilities and developing skill sets for their passions will build resiliency against adversities and increase their chances for success in life.


 Read through the Youth Coaches’ Profiles and choose a coach to best match the needs of you and your youth. All of our coaches have been screened, passed a background check, and have been trained on TAT’s Youth Coaching Model and Curriculum. 

Once you have chosen a Coach, book a free initial consultation and your Coach will reach out to answer any questions and discussyou and your youth’s plan of action.


How does it work?


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